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Category widget problem, categories changing to dropdown (again)

  1. My category widget changed from the treeview/list to the dropdown view. The widget title was also changed to 'a'.

    This happened about a month ago when the staff was doing some database work and accidently messed up the settings for lots of bloggers.

    I've just changed it back to how I had it, but it'll probably change back to "a" and dropdown in a few hours.

  2. thelifeofmarkwhitecotton

    Does staff think it might be time to put up a sticky about widget bug?

  3. It's been close to a week since this problem popped up again. Any update?

  4. Well, now it looks okay. :) But I thought that a few days ago too. Hopefully it sticks this time.

  5. Sorry to post again, but it didn't stick. Can we get an update?

  6. In my experience staff NEVER updates to say "yeah, it's still broken" and rarely updates to say it's fixed. If you're noticing it broken again, report it again.

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