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Catergorization of Links

  1. I have posed this question to support however they indicated that it is best directed to the forum.

    Is it possible to create different catergories for links and have them presented that way? For example, there might be two catergories "My Favorite Links" and "Additional Links". I have been around the barn a few times trying to figure this out. I've managed to totally confuse myself. Please help. Thanks.


  2. I'm surprised because I answered this very same question yesterday. Yes you can create the categories you indicate.
    Your Links widget displays your Blogroll entries under headings your have created as Categories and assigned to them. It's important to know that until you actually create a post or a link and assign a category to it the category will not be displayed in your sidebar.
    (1) -> Dashboard -> Manage -> Categories -> Add Category.
    complete the information in the form required to create "My Favourite Links" click "add category" to save repeat the same process for "Additional Links"
    (2) -> Blogroll -> Add Link
    complete the information in the form required for each website you wish to link to and click "add link" after each entry ensuring that each link is correctly assigned the category of your choice.
    (3) -> Dashboard -> Presentation -> Sidebar widgets
    This will help with the set up and configuring of widgets.

  3. TT,
    Thanks for your help. It seems that some presentation themes (i.e Jentri) do display link categories and others (i.e.Andreas04) don't.


  4. You're welcome. I see you changed themes and that you now have the two headings showing as sub-categories under Blogroll in your sidebar. I had no idea that all themes didn't do this so thanks for coming back and sharing that information. Happy Blogging!

  5. MM, besides changing your theme, how did you do that?

    TT, do all Andreas themes NOT do this nesting thingy? This is kinda what I was talking about with my page, making it neater, so I guess it is a theme thingy...???....????
    PS I think the other post was forums>blogroll but can't find it now to post here, oooops.

  6. @gottabkd
    I'm busy at work and also answering you in the other thread. Please let's not have two going at the same time, okay? If you go here and read you will know which features the themes do or don't have

  7. Some themes list the links as categories and some just list them in one basic list. It's pretty much up to how the theme designer did the theme originally. If you use the widgets, it will override the theme's settings though and put them into categoried lists.

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