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    Why don’t you guys make something that I can go to in the Manage page and check certain posts and send them to a specific category. Like if I’ve posted something earlier I want to add it to a specific category, I should be able to do it fom the manage page, what I do right now is go to the edit post thing and then select the category, which is pretty time consuming. Consider doing it please.



    Please picture a webpage 600+ posts long and 180 categories wide.

    That’s what such a page would look like on my blog. :)


    I’m not saying everyone should use it, it should be an available option. Your blog is categoriesed by Archives. Mine isn’t and a lot more anrnt.



    Looks like your blog is to me.



    Here Here! I add my vote to some functionality for being able to categorize several posts at once! Especially for those of us who just moved from blogger and now want to categorize all my posts without having to do so one by one. Hear my vote!



    *sigh* So glad I waste my time around here giving answers.


    What? Are you going to do that or no?



    Me? I’m just a forum moderator and have no backend access. Best bet would be to send in a Feedback but since it’s come up before and since my answer still holds, it’s probably not doing to happen.

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