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CCS- need help with removing a colour in Wu Wui theme

  1. sweetmapleblog


    I need help with my blog, forgive me I am very new to this. All of the hyperlinks were orange so I changed them over to a yellowish colour (colour: #9C9D3B). However when I move my mouse over the menu at the top (home, about, favourites) I see orange still (I believe it is {color:#d1d9dc}) . I have been going to the Wu Wei CCS code for over an hour and I can't find where I would change this!!

    Thanks in advance.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I checked and I see that you updated all the links to the yellowish color with this CSS:

    a:link,a:visited {
    a:hover {

    You can also adjust the lines above the menus to the same color with this CSS:

    .menu-main a:hover {
    .menu-main li:hover > a {

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