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    As a member of the community and using it as a musician, the CD Baby music player widget would be a tremendous factor in having my music available online. But the <iframe> security systems has in place make it impossible to do so.

    Independent Musicians like myself rely on services like these in order to effectively communicate with our friends and fans who wish to hear our music.

    The blog I need help with is



    Note that this request has been made many times over the course of 5 years



    If and when Staff decide to implement the plugin they will contact you and all other bloggers requesting it directly by email.


    So if it is really requested, why hasn’t it been implemented?


    Good Morning –

    I’ve noted your request for this widget and added your request internally. There are no immediate plans to add this, and I am unable to provide you a timeline on when it will happen.



    Ditto. The current CD Baby Embed plugin wreaks havoc on my WordPress site. If people can’t navigate the site properly, they can’t buy music for CD Baby and it’s partners.



    Read what Staff said above Nothing has changed.

    If you must use that plugin then don’t hold you breath. See here: Moving to self hosted wordpress and once you have made the move you can use the plugin on your new sites.

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