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    Hi. I had a blog about pedophilia called “http://porlaverdad.wordpress.com”. It talked about pedophilia from a different point of view, a mature one. It was totally legal. I have read your TOS and IT DIDNT BREAK IT. I have also read that you TRULY BELIEVE IN FREEDOM OF SPEECH, DONT YOU? My blog didnt incite to violence, it wasnt difamatory, it didnt have illegal links, so i think that it was CENSORSHIP. My blog DIDNT BROKE YOUR TOS. So WHY YOU DELETE IT???? Please, give me an answer if you, as you say, truly believe in FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Because this is about FREEDOM OF SPEECH. THIS IS ABOUT CENSORSHIP. My blog and my account were both called “porlaverdad”, and they were both deleted.

    I was really stunned when i saw it was gone, because it didnt broke your tos and, mainly, because I THOUGHT THAT YOU BELIEVED ON FREEDOM OF SPEECH! I was really, really stunned. But maybe im being unfair. My blog was in spanish and maybe you dont understand spanish, so you thought that it did broke your tos when in fact, it didnt. If a spanish speaking person could answer me, i would appreciate it.

    My old blog was called “http://porlaverdad.wordpress.com” and my old account was called “porlaverdad”. My new account is called “porlaverdad2” and my new blog is called “http://porlaverdad2.wordpress.com”.

    Please, defend what you believe in. Defend freedom of speech. As i already said one hundred times, my blog didnt broke your tos and it wasnt ilegal. Please, dont censor blogs just because you dont agree with them. If you wanna talk, please private message me. But, please answer me. I think your decision is VERY VERY UNFAIR, for what i have already said. Please, answer me. Your decision is censorship. You can contact me on my new account or in my mail, but please reconsider your unfair and fascist decision. Thanks.



    We can’t help you here in the forums. You need to contact support using the link in your dashboard.



    Also, several years of therapy might be helpful.


    Thank God.



    Let’s see if I’ve got this straight: your pro-pedophilia blog was deleted and you’re whining about it? You honestly thought a pro-pedophilia blog was legal and wouldn’t violate the TOS, despite the fact that pedophilia is a felonious sex crime against children? No sympathy!


    Kudos, membracid & arizonad! And he’s got the nerve to suggest that the “blog was in spanish and maybe you dont understand spanish”… Pedophilia is not a fucking spanish word!





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    That’s the Spanish word.
    for f###ing children.



    Maybe Im being too over-reactive here, but shouldn’t this guy be reported to the feds or something, why does he have a link on his blog entitled “attracted to children” which is a disgusting pedophilia advocating type site and why does he want to talk about pedophilia, maybe Im jumping to conclusions, but this guy should be checked out.


    To set the record straight (although “straight” has a very strange tint in this case), both “pederastia” and “pedophilia” are actually greek words…

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