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Censorship at WordPress??

  1. I have recently attempted to share some information concerning wikileaks, to which i recieved an error message stating "this content is not allowed" Really? Why?
    What other news content is "forbidden".

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Well then, can someone explain how this is in anyway a violation of TOS as stated:

  3. No we are not going to explain anything to you as we are Volunteers and that's not our role. As you have a ToS issue you need to speak directly to ToS Staff and I already provided that link to you abovfe. Please act responsibly by using that link to contact the correct Staff members and dicuss your issue with them.

  4. I did not know you were a volunteer. No need to be nasty. geez. Thanks.

  5. I wasn't being nasty and it's unfortunate you choose to think I was. I was trying to be very clear so you understand that this is strictly between you and Staff.

  6. A better handling of the situation could have been: As Volunteers, we............
    rather then No we are not........
    Hence, nasty. It is unfortunate that you fail to see the impact of your words.

  7. It's unfortunate that you think it's more important to suggest phraseology to me rather than taking care of your own business through the correct channels.

  8. I have taken action through the proper channels. It's just unfortunate.

  9. I understand the impact of my words and I suggest you listen to them:

    1) don't take informational statements in the technical forums personally

    2) don't take error messages personally

    3) follow THESE instructions for embedding the Scribd document; the way you were doing it is, in fact, forbidden for security reasons

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