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censorship much?

  1. cruisepuppy7452a

    Yo, since when is this blog tool using censor ship to block free speech? Twice now I have blogged on my blog page only to be told I cannot that it was an invalid request. What the hell word press, what gives? Do you really want me to send this on to my atty who would gladly tell you free speech is still part of the constitution? I don't think you do, but if you don't fix this, I will have no choice. My blogs are satire, nothing more. I expect answers soon.
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  2. This has nothing to do with censorship and leaping to conclusions is not helpful. Note the sticky post at the head of the forum and post into it please > Permalinks causing invalid activation key error

  3. Yes, do send it to your attorney. He needs another yacht.

  4. @cruisepuppy7452a
    Read this:
    Then read this > Defamation, abuse, threats: We suspend content for inciting violence or threatening or impersonating a private person. Please see our abuse process for more information.

    I strongly suggest that you do consult an attorney so he or she can instruct you that threatening anyone anywhere with legal action is an offence under the law.

  5. Twice now I have blogged on my blog page only to be told I cannot that it was an invalid request.

    That's a simple technical glitch that has also been reported by several others.

    You would have known that if you had taken a minute to read some of the other posts on this board.

  6. cruisepuppy7452a

    You did not answer how or where to find the cache folder, there are several on my computer and I do not want to remove the wrong one. Which one, where do I remove it?


  7. ^^ I'm not sure how anyone here would know that. It depends on which OS and browser you're using and which user profile you're logged onto your computer under.

  8. @cruisepuppy7452a
    This blog is a free hosted blog and we do not have access to database files for our free hosted blogs; only Staff have that level of access.

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