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Censorship of sensitive news stories?

  1. I just added a post about Kelly Thomas, a homeless man who was beaten to death by six police officers in Fullerton, California. First, I was not able to post a link to a supporting news story, although I tried repeatedly:

    Police beat and taser "gentle" mentally-ill homeless man to death

    And then I was unable to add any tags to the post, so no one doing a search can find the information.

    This has never happened before, so what's the deal? Are "politically sensitive" issues banned from WordPress? If so, how is that different from press censorship?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I doubt that's the problem. Perhaps it's a browser issue.

    Try logging out of, clearing your cache & wordpress cookies, then log in again and try it.

    (And that was utterly horrific.)

  3. Well, I just closed my browser and logged back in and it worked. Very odd.....

  4. That happens sometimes! :-)

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