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    I caught a link to this WordPress site from something unrelated: http://diversityiscrap.com/ (but I don’t recommend visiting it). It is a racist discussion forum frequented by Nazis (though there isn’t obvious Nazi sympathising on the main site, it’s pretty obvious what’s going on from the discussion forums. It got me wondering what WordPress’s responsibility is here: I understand it wants to maintain freedom of speech, but does it have any restrictions on what it will host? I presume they wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) shut down any kind of political debate, but would be obliged to prevent pedophile gangs from sharing info on WordPress sites, for instance. Do they also have a duty to make communication more difficult for this nest of fascist slime?

    I’m just curious.



    WordPress.COM tries to error in the side of freedom of speech, see the Terms of Service for their limits.

    However the site you ask about is not hosted here on WordPress.COM but it is using the software from WordPress.ORG and is hosted on a third party host. You could try putting pressure on the host, some hosts don’t like hate crap or illegal activities on their servers.

    WordPress.ORG does not to my knowledge place types of blogs limits on the use of it’s software.

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