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Censorship, TOS dispute , technical glitch?

  1. My blog has frozen and I can't post. I'm told to contact WordPress. I've done that several times with the link supplied, but they have not responded. Is this censorship, some issue about the Terms of Service, or a technical glitch? I don't know, but I'd like to fix the problem so I can get back to blogging.

  2. If you're getting a message saying contact wordpress, then there is a problem which only support can handle. Not volunteers in the forum. You're best bet is to wait till you hear back from them.

  3. Check your junk folder in the email and remember that there are two places for email in your blog: on your profile page and under Settings->General, so be sure to check both emails and their spam folders if the emails are different.

  4. gives me this:

    The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available.

    You can create your own free blog on

  5. I'm guessing that you got the url from another comment that xeno left? I'm showing it not to be

  6. That blog is not WP, but the one I linked to was. I checked his other threads and guessed the WP name. But I only did that because I'm bored; it's a staff issue for sure.

  7. Censorship? No.
    Glitch? No.
    TOS Dispute? Not quite.

    The taking and copying of something that was protected by copyright law and posting it on your blog so causing us to get a DMCA notice?
    Yes, that'll do it.

    The DMCA isn't one of these "if you want to but it doesn't matter if you don't" bits of law. It's real, it's used and if you copy stuff onto your blog here and we get a notice your blog gets affected until you remove it.

    So again, was it censorship? No.

  8. Now, wait just a legal moment, Mark. Getting a DMCA notice does not mean you or your user has actually violated the DMCA. In fact, in one case Dibold agreed to pay over $100,000 when their DMCA claim was wrong and Fair Use was allowed. You guys are not sticking up for the bloggers where you should be. Copying of copyrighted content and posting it on our blogs IS permitted under the fair use provision. It depends on the situation and type of use. We bloggers have the right to file a counter claim under DMCA. If WordPress is just deciding that any claim is valid, that's not cool. See how blogspot is handling DMCA claims, for example.

  9. "fair use" is one thing, complete copying is another.
    DMCA notices are checked and if they are not complete and valid we ask for more information. Those that are complete and valid we have a legal obligation to act.
    If you want to then take it up with the site where you got it that is for you to do.

  10. And either way I needed to refute each of the words you used in the thread title. All implied that we were at fault when we are not.

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