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Center header title in Twenty Ten

  1. Hi people!

    How can i center the header title "Até aos cem" in my blog?

    I do not find where in css.

    My blog is and i upgrated Custom Design.

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi people.

    I don't know yet, how to solve this!

    Can anyone help me, please?

  3. There is one staff member that helps with CSS issues and she probably won't be around until sometime mid day Tuesday.

  4. Ok!
    I will wait!
    Thank you.

  5. Hello ateaoscem,
    try this : in the following code of your CSS, replace left by center

    <br /> #site-title {<br /> font-family: "Helvetica Neue", Arial, Helvetica, "Nimbus Sans L", sans-serif;<br /> font-size: 36px;<br /> letter-spacing: -0.03em;<br /> line-height: 42px;<br /> text-align: left;<br /> }<br /> #site-title a {<br /> color: #000;<br /> font-weight: bold;<br /> text-decoration: none;<br /> }<br /> #site-description {<br /> color: #000;<br /> font-family: "Helvetica Neue", Arial, Helvetica, "Nimbus Sans L", sans-serif;<br /> font-size: 18px;<br /> margin: 0 0 9px 0;<br /> text-align: left;<br /> }

    How did I found ?
    In the HTML code of the page launch a search for "Até aos cem" and you will see it is encapsulated in a h1 tag with the id site-title : <h1 id="site-title">
    Then you only have to look for occurence of #site-title in the CSS and guess by yourself that it is happening in the align property ...

  6. It works!

    I configured too the margins of title, and was perfect!

    Thank you!

  7. Nice!!!

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