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Center title

  1. Is it possible to center titles of posts?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes. In an unusual way. Type in the code for a no-break space (plus optional, a space). You will have to experiment to know how many instances you will need.

    The precise centering will vary depending on browser (and operating system, and screen resolution), but it will likely approximate "centering,"

    Does this mean you are considering adding titles to your posts?

  3. I'm always amazed by how much you know about cooking...AND CODING! :D

    Actually it's for my other blog (the one about Japanese: because I want to renew its layout. And for this, I think centered titles would look more pleasing.

    That line of code, does that go in the box where you'd fill in the title followed by the actually title name?


  4. I would think that a .css upgrade would allow you to do it *if* you have a working knowledge of css.

  5. @starsquid

    Yes. Something like this:

    On the title line of the post editor something like this:
         『The Photo and the Anatomy』

  6. @starsquid
    btw, Japanese and Korean—now that is impressive!

  7. @chrisqq

    You are probably right about the CSS, but you'd need both the upgrade and the experience.

  8. Thanks! So it's basically spacing the title till roughly the center, well, that should do for now, although I'm also considering what you said (1tess) about covering up the title.
    Well, Japanese and Korean are quite similar in grammar and a lot of words are also the same. Laddering languages they say, I used Chinese to learn Japanese and now Japanese to learn Korean. Although it's definitely not easy! But not so difficult as your master-chef cooking! :D
    Now I'm hungry...!

    Yea I know, CSS upgrade would make a lot of things easier, and I do have some CSS experience (I'm also in awe myself!) with a previous blog. But I'm poor and like freebies :D

  9. @1tess

    I consider myself an fairly good cook, I mean, I CAN fry a sunny-side-up after all, but I was wondering what you do with ingredients you don't use so often.
    For example, sometimes I like to eat miso soup, so I buy a pack of miso just to make miso soup (hate those packaging miso comes in, it ALWAYS gets messy after a few uses sticking at the edges of the opened package), but because I only use it for miso soup and don't know any other recipies using miso (there are tons, I know), it end up at the back of the fridge forgotten till I find it again and it's expired. What do I do? Make 6 gallons of miso soup the day before it expires? Or browse online and look for another recipe using miso, but then it probably needs some other ingredient I rarely use, so I end up with lots of stuff I rarely use.

    What do you do when you have (fresh) ingredients you not often use?

  10. LOL Chinese, too!! and CSS. oh my…
    Miso doesn't have to be used with only Japanese food…
    My problem is all the little sauces and flavorings (a little soy sauce, a little mirin, sake) that I save in tiny containers and empty them only when I need another tiny container. Probably should just mix them all together and serve over noodles

  11. Starsquid - squeeze miso from its pouch into a screw-top jar; keep it in the fridge. The salt content is so high it's almost imperishable, despite the date on the pack.

  12. I transfer it to plastic containers with lids. The lighter miso s are usually not so salty as the darker ones. Miso will eventually dry out, and the older it is the less nutritional value, but it doesn't really go "bad."

    You know that someone is going to see this thread and comment that miso can not be installed on wordpress.COM blogs


  13. Are you sure you want these symbols 『』 in the titles in your posts?
    Who do you think search engines will view the symbols?

  14. @1tess
    mix them all together and serve over noodles...1tess...eew! hehe

    Thanks, yea it always turns darker after a while and I end up throwing it away. Even though they say you can just scrape off the top layer and still use it. I saw you also like photography, nice!

  15. @timethief
    Actually I do, but I was told to first enter the title without those 『』till it creates a permalink and then adding them later on again.

  16. I apologize for the typo above. My left eye is causing me some grief. :( I still do not understand what the symbols are for, and whether or not search engines will "choke" when they find them in the title permalink. The latter possibility of search engines "choking" was my primary concern.

  17. Ahh, no that's why I was told to add the 『』 later because it doesn't fare well if it would appear in the permalink with certain search engines/site I suppose.

    『』are japanese equivalent of () brackets


  18. Oh, right. I would add the no-break space code after the post has a permalink. I don't know what search engines make of it, but because you have to experiment to get the spacing right… well you know…

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