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    How do I get my text box and widgets more centered on the page? Right now they are far apart and look quit awkward.

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi, you need to either widen the content area or the widget area – or both. I would suggest either widening the content area by the same amount you widened your site, or perhaps split that amount between the sidebar and content area. From 1010px down to 767px in window/device width, the content and widget areas change to a percentage. Below 767px the sidebar moves down below the content.

    Content area:

    .content-area {
        width: 705px;

    Widget area:

    .sidebar-widget-area {
        width: 312px;


    This does work. However, this isnt exactly what I was going for. If I can, I would like to keep my text and widget boxes the same size and just have them more centered on the page.



    Also, how would you change the color of the widget box?



    In an effort to consolidate your requests, I’ve answered them all in this thread:

    Please keep all further questions/comments in that thread!

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