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Centering images in Duotone Theme

  1. I have changed from Monotone to Duotone theme on my new photoblog. In Monotone my images were nicely centered, but with Duotone they are suddenly left aligned. Is there any way for me to fix this, or have I encountered a bug in the new theme?

    I'm considering to switch back as my design looks no good without centered images. But I do love the addition of widgets, support for several pages and the nice background colors - so I do hope there is a way of getting centered images in the Duotone theme!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. My blog address, by the way:

  3. It's a bug which has been reported. Hopefully, staff will fix it soon. They've already fixed an issue that was happening with the Archives on Duotone.

  4. Thanks! Hope they'll be able to fix it soon :-)

  5. I've noticed that all images that are hosted outside of the blog appear to be left aligned, no matter WHAT you do to the code. Very annoying. Staff needs to fix that.

  6. Does that mean that you manage to get them centered if they are hosted on the blog? All of my images are saved with the blog.

  7. No. That's not what raincoaster said. Please read her comment again. :)

  8. Images that you post from now on will be centered if they are hosted at that blog. They will not be if they're not hosted at that blog.

    Images that you posted BEFORE when using Monotone that were both centered and hosted on the blog will not be centered now. Images that you posted before that were hosted elsewhere MAY actually be centered now. It's very weird.

  9. It all seems very weird, yes. I posted a new picture today (hosted on the blog and uploaded through the normal WordPress editor), but it is not centered. But I have seen other blogs using Duotone where the pictures are centered (even old pics that were uploaded using Monotone). Weird.

  10. When you post a new image choose in the alignment otions "none" instead of centered. Then the image is centered. When you choose "center" the image will be left aligned and will stay that way even when you change the html code or insert image again in the same post.

  11. misterfongstarr

    I think there is just a bug with wordpress as of late. I have reported image problems with my photos being reduced in size as well as someone else on here. Very annoying as I had to recode all my photos. I hope this gets fixed asap.

  12. Thanks, Phoenixiam! Now it works! I even figured out a way to center the images on my old posts (by deleting the photo and then saving the post without the photo, before uploading the file again with the alignment set to "none"). It's a bit of work to go through the posts like this, but it works! (a funny thing that happened was that one of the posts got a completely new background color, even though the file I uploaded was the exact same file as last time).

    Now that I've centered the images, I really like the look of the Duotone theme!

  13. Yikes, no chance I'm doing that with two years worth of posts! Hope staff fixes this soon.

  14. The same for me on my blog I have too many posts to do the trick proposed by affemartin. Still waiting for the solution for my old "Monotone" posts to get centered.

  15. Luckily my blog is very new, so I had only five posts to edit :-)

  16. I just started using Duotone today and thought the left aligned images were part of the design *lol* as they look fine I think. Nice to know though that hopefully this 'bug' will get fixed and we can have a choice at least. I did try to remove the center tag and republish an entry but it didn't change the alignment. My images are all hosted on flickr and not here, could that be a problem?

    Also the archive bug mentioned above doesn't seem to be fixed in my blog. The thumbnails are not aligned or resized at all. You can't even tell what they are. I already posted for help with this but none as of yet. Now I read here it may be a bug so hopefully it will sort itself out?

  17. "I already posted for help with this but none as of yet."

    Er, not exactly...

  18. As for changing the alignment tag, phoenixiam has covered that in the Jan 17 11:45 AM post above: doesn't work, you have to redo the post.

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