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Centering Images in Sidebar


    At the bottom of my sidebar are several blinkies. Is there a way to center the cappucino blinkie on the top and the "have a blessed day" blinkie on the bottom?

    I tried
    <center> </center>


  2. It's the way they're designed; that's coded into them, so putting Center around them will only center the blinkie in the text widget, not the pic within the blinkie.

    You should go to the Code editor and put that code in around the image URL. Hopefully that will work.

  3. do I get to the code editor?

  4. Go to your Write box and there should be a tab up on top of the textbox where you select Visual or Code editor.

  5. I center everything with <div align="center"> IMAGE OR TEXT </div>

  6. Thank you, nosysnoop! That worked! :)

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