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centering images in the side bar

  1. hi .. if you go to my blog

    [Link fixed - drmike]

    and then scroll down, you will see in the side bar, football shirts ... as they are only three quarters the size of the side bar, they go to the left and not 100% centred .. is there any way for me to do make each shirt centred, without having to re-size the image so its bigger?????


  2. You could try align = "center" [space] by inserting this into the image code at the end following the /< but before the </a>. Also note that [space] means one click of space bar - do not type the word "space" in.
    But IMO it would be better to reduce the sizes of the shirts and put them in two side-by-side. Who wants a mile long sidebar when we know that readers are not likely to scroll down?

  3. Insert standard reminder that 'www' and 'insearchoffootball' can't coexist within a URL, it;s one or the other, and 30% of the folks on the net and most internet search engine spiders can't see such a link.


    TT is talking about doing this:

    <img src="" align="center" />

    Hope this helps,

  4. You could also do it via div tags as well:

    <div align="center"><br /> ...Your image tags here...<br /> </div>

  5. thanks for that

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