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    hi .. if you go to my blog

    [Link fixed – drmike]

    and then scroll down, you will see in the side bar, football shirts … as they are only three quarters the size of the side bar, they go to the left and not 100% centred .. is there any way for me to do make each shirt centred, without having to re-size the image so its bigger?????




    You could try align = "center" [space] by inserting this into the image code at the end following the /< but before the </a>. Also note that [space] means one click of space bar – do not type the word “space” in.
    But IMO it would be better to reduce the sizes of the shirts and put them in two side-by-side. Who wants a mile long sidebar when we know that readers are not likely to scroll down?



    Insert standard reminder that ‘www’ and ‘insearchoffootball’ can’t coexist within a URL, it;s one or the other, and 30% of the folks on the net and most internet search engine spiders can’t see such a link.


    TT is talking about doing this:

    <img src="" align="center" />

    Hope this helps,



    You could also do it via div tags as well:

    <div align="center">
    ...Your image tags here...


    thanks for that

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