Centering Images on Full Page of Fresh & Clean Theme

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    My site is

    I have custom CSS etc…

    I have had this issue before and never really got a clear answer although some times it works correctly.

    I am trying to center something (image or video) on a full page but at times – like this time, the image/images/video gets shifted down a bit from the top of the page and in this case all the images are shifted to the left of the page.

    I made a space between each image on a line so you see the small gap and would like the gaps between lines to be similar in size.

    Here is what it looks like now:

    Here is an example with a video and image where the gap between the top of the video and the bottom of the page bar is smaller and the same size gap as other pages with videos and images at the top of the post/page.

    Also notice how the image below the video is centered evenly between the right and left sides of the page.

    See here:

    I understand that Im dealing with 12 small images now and not 1 big one but it still seems odd and off that everything is shifted to the side…

    I am simply trying to this grid of 12 images in the center of the page with even spacing throughout – How can I do this?

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is



    Anyone have any suggestions?



    Is there no response because this theme is no longer available?



    No, there was no response because this is a forum, and most questions are answered by volunteers: usually you get an answer, sometimes you don’t. Also, this isn’t a Themes question, it’s a question on formatting: if it was a Themes question (say, if you had reported a bug in the theme) you would have gotten a reply from WP staff.

    Before answering your question I should point out that F&C has a “responsive” layout: it shrinks to adapt to different screen resolutions and devices. Drag the browser window to make it narrower and see what happens. So: you want a centered grid of thumbnails that retain their size and turn from 3 per row to 2 per row to 1 per row, or a centered grid of thumbnails that remain 3 per row and shrink in size?



    Hello and thank you for the reply and explanation.

    I want a centered grid of thumbnails that remain 3 per row and shrink in size.

    The issue is the margin on the right is a lot larger and uneven with the margin on the left. Also from the tops of the image to the bottom of the bar the gap is larger than on other pages I have.

    The reason I posted it under themes is because the last time I had such an issue with centering a google calendar on a full page. I was told it was an issue with the theme and it was updated so it would be center and not off.

    Let me know if you have any ideas.
    Thank you for your help.



    You’re welcome.

    In that case you need to format the grid as a table. So for starters study my tutorial:

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