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    im trying to center smaller images go to my blog and see iphoneography shadowspost to see what im talking about. If the image is large it does a good job centering but if its small it aligns it to the left…
    below is a copy of my css set up. Can you help PLEASE

    [UPDATE: The long block of code has been removed by staff. Please limit adding code blocks in the forums to small snippets instead of posting a really long amount of it. Also note that we can view your current CSS by choosing to view the page source in a browser and then clicking on the proper CSS link. Thank you!]

    The blog I need help with is


    Try using the built in options to center images before using CSS for that. Here are some steps to try it out:

    1. Open the “{iphoneography} shadows” post for editing
    2. Click the image
    3. Click the Edit Image icon that appears
    4. Select the Center option
    5. Click the Update button
    6. Save changes

    View the single post or the front page after that and the image should be centered.

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