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Centering the VodPod Widget?

  1. I've tried everything and can't seem to figure out how to center align the vodpod widget in my sidebar. It's throwing off my OCD! :) Everything else is center aligned and this ISN'T! Can anyone help me so graciously before I simply remove it alltogether?

    Many thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You could try center tags (<center> </center>).

    I don't think that will work though.

    All videos tend to stay left no matter what.

  3. I believe you center objects like the vopod widget by using this approach but I'm not sure

    `<table align="center"><tr><td>
    </td></tr></table> '

  4. That won't work in a sidebar. You can't put a shortcode (vodpod) into a text widget.

    Unless there is some tricky CSS thing. Can't help there, though.

  5. Hmm, the codes don't work. @1tess, you're probably right. Anybody know if there's a similar HTML version YouTube widget that would serve same purpose?

  6. For now though, I went to & just retrieved the short code for the doublewide widget. Atleast it's a little bit more centered now. It was driving me nuts I tell ya! :)

  7. This should do it:

    #vodpod .vodpod_videos_widget, #vodpod .vodpod_video_container {
    margin: auto !important;
  8. oh never mind....

  9. will that not work, or are you saying nevermind because I used the double widget? I'd rather do the single version if this code works?

  10. I'm saying never mind because you used the double widget.

  11. @devblog
    Thanks - bookmarked!

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