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Centre search widget in footer widget area?

  1. Is there any code for centering my footer widgets in CSS? That would be AWESOME if anyone knows?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If it is the search box you are asking about then this code will work:

    #footer-widgets {<br /> margin-left: auto;<br /> margin-right: auto;<br /> text-align: center;<br /> }

    If it is something else you are asking about then you may need to expand your question for the WP staff to tackle it.


  3. Yes it was the search box I was talking about, but that code didn't work...

  4. Did you save the code in the file? I don't see it on your CSS file.

  5. Yes I previewed it and saved it, didn't work, that's why it's not there anymore.

  6. OK try this then:

    .widget_search {<br /> margin-left: auto;<br /> margin-right: auto;<br /> text-align: center;<br /> }

    Please note there is a dot before the word widget_search because it is a class in the code.

  7. Nope that didn't work either.

  8. Sorry I'm not sure why you posted this here @justpi?

  9. justpi posted that because the codes suggested by jtanna01 didn't work for you.

    @mylesformby if you are not using Firebug yet, start using that to make your css editing easier.

  10. Was there code suggestion for me in the link you posted I couldn't find anything that seemed relevant?
    I'm trying to use Firebug but I'm not sure how it identifies the relevant sections? I've tried clicking on the links with Firebug open but that just opens pages etc and doesn't seem to identify which items I need.

  11. As the symbol @ is supposed to show, my previous reply wasn't addressed to you, it was addressed to jtanna01 - an inexperienced member who should stop the bad habit of posting wrong suggestions without having tested them. (I might have made things clearer if I had posted right after jtanna01's original reply, but I didn't see that reply before you did.)

  12. K. Getting my head around Firebug, it's helping greatly thank you. Still can't work out how to centre that damn search bar though, doh!

  13. I checked but it looks like you removed the search box. Please add it back and post a reply here if you would like help centering it.

  14. I've returned the box, thanks.

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