Certain People Can't Comment on Blog

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    I’ve heard from some people they can’t comment on my blog.
    I don’t require log ins or anything – some people can leave comments without a problem, others can’t.

    It tells them they have to be logged in, and even then it won’t let them comment.

    I haven’t updated anything or changed anything so I have no idea why this is happening. I also am not sure for how long – I just found out today.

    [I tried to check the page source and see what version of WordPress I’m using but all it says is “WordPress.”]

    If anyone can help me/tell me what to do I’d really appreciate it.
    I asked people to try to comment on my blog to see if it’s a universal issue, and it’s not. I’m stumped as to what it might be.

    Thanks for your help!

    [In case it doesn’t show up – the link is http://www.limecello.wordpress.com%5D

    The blog I need help with is limecello.wordpress.com.



    Staff have made Recent Updates to Commenting and you can read about them here > https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/recent-update-to-commenting?replies=4
    You cam also click the tag links in the sidebar here and read other active threads on the same issue.



    I have a number of readers who continue to have difficulty commenting on my blog at oldereyes.wordpress.com. These are people I’ve approved eons ago and regulars. Most have their own domain names. It’s not smart to make changes that chase away regulars of your bloggers, some of whom may not take the time to figure out a workaround. I am, by the way, a huge fan of WordPress … most of the time.



    @timethief – thanks for the link but that doesn’t address my issue.

    People are logged in to their own WP sites etc, yet still can’t comment. And it’s not a universal issue – some people can comment, others can’t.
    Some that can have WP, some that can’t have WP.




    These are people I’ve approved eons ago and regulars. Most have their own domain names.


    People are logged in to their own WP sites etc, yet still can’t comment. And it’s not a universal issue – some people can comment, others can’t.

    This is to let you both know that I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.



    Please make sure that they are logged in with the same WordPress.com or Gravatar account that is attached to the email address they are commenting with.



    I’m also having commenting issues. I have it so that people do not need to leave a name or email address. I left a post on my blog directing WordPress.com or Gravatar users to try commmenting without a email address.

    However, I have noticed the follwoing continued problems…
    *People who do not have any kind of WordPress or Gravatar account are having trouble commenting. Either their comments are “anonymous” or they have just been deleted. This happened to my parents (and possibly others I don’t know about).
    *Many users who I have approved a long time ago are now having to be approved each and every time.
    *Some users who comment with a name but no email have the comment show up as Anonymous. They don’t want to be Anonymous but just want to get around the login issue.
    *I also have a reader who has a current WordPress.org account and is logged in to that account but cannot log in to comment, perhaps due to an old WordPress.com account she had? According to her she only has one email address that she uses.



    I’m having similar issues on my blog! Regulars cant comment! Most of my commentors have their own self hosted blogs and domains..and that was never a problem before. Their gravatar and their blog link would appear fine….before..but now..even after they have literally commented a 100 times before…its not allowing them to do so. Some are now using their twitter or facebook accounts to leave their comments..but that doesn’t serve the purpose…right! A blogger likes a post and leaves a comment so that my readers who like their comment can be redirected to their writing, by clicking their name…but thats not happening now!!
    HELP! please fix this issue…I dont want to lose hard earned readers/commentors due to this issue.

    Much Love,



    I know, its a real shame. Regular commenters think that you are being unfriendly, they don’t know that it is a change which is beyond your control.


    I have already addressed this same issue with WP..frequent visitors are now required to log in with an Worpress account or allow applications on their Facebook accounts to be able to comment on my blog. My settings are set for NO requitements of email address etc. It has worked fine until a few weeks ago and I have had 10 people complain that they can’t leave comments.
    PLEASE help me too. I am losing visitors.



    I too don’t require any login or registration whatsoever and have no desire to. I haven’t heard yet of problems, but some regular commenters have been absent lately.

    Also, the comment box itself has a new screw-up which makes it difficult to post.

    It’s just awful how something which worked fine for years has been turned into a disaster for about a year now.



    There are some additional details re: the recent update to commenting available at https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/you-must-be-logged-in-to-comment/page/11?replies=327#post-852388

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