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Certain photos not working once deleted from media library

  1. I do book reviews, and like to upload one photo per post, a cover of the book I'm reviewing. Since I upload so many photos, my media library would be really swamped, so I like to delete them from the media library after the post is posted. But today, I realized that the photos I'd deleted from my library were showing up as broken links in the posts; showing the name of the file in my post instead of the actual picture. I figured I had to keep a photo in my library in order for it to show up, which was frustrating, but I was getting resolved. But then, in a few of my posts, I clicked the "remove link" button while the photo was selected, and once I'd done that, I could delete the photo from the library, and it would stay in my post. Which would be great, but when I tried doing it to some of my other photos, I got a broken link again! I literally did the exact same thing (clicking the remove link button), but it worked for some, and not others. I can still see the photos that aren't working in my editor, but once I go to the published site, they're gone. I hope this makes sense. The ones with the missing photos are earlier posts, for example

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Let me correct you: ALL of the images you have deleted are actually missing from your posts. The reason you see some of them is that your browser is looking at the cached version of the page, not the current version of the page.

    A media library is aptly-named. If you own a library and you throw out a book, it is not in your library and the post cannot come to the library and read the book or look at the pictures in it. It's gone.

  3. Okay, I put them back in the media library, but some of them are still not showing up! Like this one? I've looked at it both logged in as me and logged out, and all I see, instead of the photo cover of Divergent, is the word "divergent". It's like that for some other ones too, but others are showing up. I loaded it to the media library and inserted it to the post from there, like I've always done.

  4. Nevermind, I fixed it. I think it's just that I accidentally deleted the new, linked photo instead of the broken-link photo. Thanks for the help!

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