Certain Widgets not displaying in Firefox

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    Hi everyone! I’m having problems with some of my widgets not displaying at all in Firefox. The site loads properly in Safari and my friend’s iphone. We tested it on another computer and their firefox was working fine. The coding is all correct but when I read the source, it’s not showing up either.

    I’ve already cleared my cache (several times) and waited for over a week. Other changes to the site show up fine when I reload the page.. It’s the widgets that are missing.

    Here’s the site : http://www.cockblocksf.com

    here’s what it looks like on the iphone: http://www.cockblocksf/photo.PNG

    and here’s what I see: http://www.cockblocksf.com/Picture4.PNG

    For ease of editing, a widget was made for editing the ‘event poster’, another for ‘event info’ and one as the ‘twitter widget’. The footer images are also stored in a widget but that one is displaying without problems.



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    update on links!

    here’s what I see

    here’s what it looks like on the iphone



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