Certificate Error from my cell – please help

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    I was previously able to blog from m.wordpress.com. But now each time I try to log in from my cell (Verizon); I get a certificate error.

    I have tried changing the setting on my cell, and also searching these forums for an answer. Please help.


    This might be a temporary glitch since there seems to be other issues cropping up as well.

    You can contact support using the support tab in your dashboard. Make sure and give them the details on the error including any error numbers. You can never give too much detail.



    Has anything changed on this issue. Im having similiar issue. I can login to m.wordpress.com from my verizon cell phone (LG Dare) but the ‘POST’ button is greyed out. I can only save as a draft when I’m on the mobile. m.wordpress.com works fine though from pc.


    I suggest contacting support directly on this issue. http://wordpress.com/contact-support/

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