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    I have both this blog, ScienceSprings, and another blog, MusicSprings, going to the same Twitter page. I want to separate them, leave MusicSprings alone, and have ScienceSprings go to a different Twitter address. How do I do that?


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. It looks like you are referring to the Publicize feature. Please note that as stated by the support documentation above, it works by blog but also by user:

    So, the way it’s made, it looks like to publicize to another Twitter account, one has to use a separate username…


    airodyssey Thanks so much for your reply. Please explain how I find the usernames for my blogs, or, did you mean a different username at Twitter. There they are different by one having a space between my first and last name and the other just the first and last names run together: “Richard Mitnick” and RichardMitnick”.

    Again, thanks for the help.



    Sorry for that. I meant to say use a separate WordPress.COM username. In other words: the username you use to log into your WordPress.COM dashboard. Some people have one username under which they manage several blogs, and some others have several usernames with one blog each.

    And I thought you couldn’t use a space in a Twitter username…


    the best I can tell, I have one user name, in the global dashboard, “richardmitnick”.

    I definitely use the same email address for both. I would be willing and able to change anything that I am allowed to change without screwing things up.

    Any help?



    Easy. Stop using Publicize on one of them, and just add that blog’s posts manually to Twitter. There is no easy automated way to separate them, short of inventing a new persona with a new email, making that persona admin of the second blog, associating that ID and email with the Twitter account, etc, etc.


    O.K., thanks, this has been a big help. I already need to manually add MusicSprings posts to Facebook, which allows one blog. When I started ScienceSprings,, Facebook just pushed MusicSprings overboard. I have the “Share” buttons right on the blogs, so this is a snap. Except, of course, that the other shoe must drop. Twitter makes it really hard to start a second subscription. I got it done by using a different browser, clearing out all of the cookies and saved user id and password for Twitter and then going to the site and starting the new Twitter page.

    I fellow I kinow has two Twitter pages. I asked for help, I think he is going to tell me that they are on separate computers.

    Thanks, again, you have been very helpful.


    Sorry, I am back. How do I find where to put the correct Twitter link in the ScienceSprings blog? The MusicSprings blog I can just leave alone, as it will still go to the proper Twitter page. An, I will of course get rid of the Publicize choices and do both Twitter and Facebook manually.

    I tired to find where to make the change in Twitter for the ScienceSprings blog, but I failed.

    Sorry to be such a bother.


    I searched through the whole Dashboard for ScienceSprings, I could not find where to change or correct the Twitter address. The Twitter page is set and ready to go. But, after I got rid of Publicize, and made a couple of other changes, my post still went to my original Twitter page.

    Any help?



    I’m so sorry your aren’t getting the help are looking for. May I suggest you fo directly to Staff rather than posting into multiple threads on the same issue? >


    Yes, thank you, I took your suggestion and laid it out a directly as I could.

    WordPress is an absolutely wonderful program for a blogger who is not a tech person. I can make my text bold, italic, I can put in links, images, even videos. But, what i know is my subjects, not a lot of jargon.

    When the blogger needs to get behind the surface, life can get really difficult. Terminology in the Dashboard is arcane and illogical. The layout in the Dashboard can lead to pure exasperation.

    The change I want to make, which is to direct one blog’s posts to a different Twitter page than the other blog, should be a snap. I know how I got the link to Facebook, there was a wee video and it was simple. I cannot even tell you nor can I find, how I got the link to Twitter. That is really poor.

    As you know, I tried the forums, and did receive some help and encouragement. I even tried doing searches with everyone’s favorite search tool, within the domain, all to no avail.

    So, again, thanks for the suggestion, I hope that I get some help.

    I wish someone or some people would look at how to make things like this simpler. I am sure the answer will be a quick and easy couple of clicks, the needle shining brightly up from the needle factory.l



    Why should it be a snap? Technology is designed to cluster things, not separate them.
    I suggest you make those remarks directly to staff, via your dashboard help button.


    Raincoaster, surely, you jest. But, I did now copy these remarks to the staff.



    I use Publicize to connect more than one blog to Twitter, and under different accounts. It requires a bit of login gymnastics because of how Twitter (and other external services) handle authentication.

    Say you want to add Twitter to the Publicize options for a site, so you turn it on. We need to get authorization set up with Twitter so we have permission to post to your activity stream. By default, Twitter will always use the account you’re logged in as in order to set up this relationship.

    The same applies for the “advanced” Tweet button in the Sharing options. It will always use the account you’re logged in to.

    If you want to set up Twitter Publicize to different Twitter accounts for different blogs, here’s what you have to do:

    1. Log out of Twitter just to be sure.
    2. Go to Publicize and turn it on for one of your sites.
    3. You’ll be prompted to authenticate with Twitter. Log in to Twitter under the account you want to associated with the selected blog. Finish the authentication process.
    4. Repeat for other blogs, logging out of Twitter each time.

    Because we are using the “official” Twitter authentication, this is how it has to work; Twitter assumes that if you are logged in, that’s what you want to use when granting permission to various services.

    If you get an account linked to the wrong Twitter account, you can change the relationship by logging out of Twitter, turning off Publicize and then turning it back on to re-connect it to an account.


    Hey markel-

    I just got something to work, it is much more mechanical, but for me simpler:

    I am a bit of a browser junkie. So, along with Firefox as my default browser, I also have SeaMonkey (and IE8 and Chrome, but, who’s counting). Both FF and SM make user id’s and passwords very easy to control. So, I went into SM, got rid of all traces of Twitter, cookies, user id, password, and closed out. Then, I re-opened SM and went to the second Twitter page, established it as THE ONLY Twitter page this browser will see. (I am using SM right now.)

    In my two blogs, MusicSprings, and ScienceSprings, I do not write so much as publicize. And, I do it from several sets of RSS feeds using Google’s feed reader.
    So, in music, I will use FF, I will open the feed readers for Jazz and New Music, write posts of album releases, Jazz and New Music concerts, etc, mostly copying and pasting text, graphics, etc. I will keep that Twitter page open, and mechanically “Tweet” from the post. I basically try to take news out to a wider world.

    Science is in its own feed reader, which I will open in SM, and also that Twitter page in SM, and do basically the same thing. I get feeds from all of the D.O.E supported labs in the US, many physics departments at research universities, and a ton of stuff from CERN in Geneva ( you know, the LHC? Black Holes?). The deal is the same, hoping to raise the visibility of the US contribution to scientific research worldwide, taking the news to a wider world, I copy text, I have a huge inventory of images, etc, and I always give a link to the full article.

    I killed Publicize for everything. Once the Twitter thing is straightened out, I will go back to Publicize for Facebook, which will only accept one blog anyhow and makes me use the Facebook share button in the posts from the other blog.

    I finally got my first Tweet up on the ScienceSprings Twitter page. So, now I need to move all of those I follow from the original page, and ask my (myriad?) followers in science to move to the new page.

    I read your description, my method is really no simpler, except that it is about second grade stuff, yours is more sophisticated.

    BTW, you might be interested in the Science blog, sciencesprings-dot-wordpress-dot-com.

    Thanks for your help, it is much appreciated.

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