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    The oxygen theme displays posts that aren’t marked “sticky” in recent posts. Have a look at my website and you’ll see that the heads of the people in the image for the first “recent post” are cut off. I would like the images used for recent posts on the main page to be top justified so that I don’t have cut-off-head issues. Any help is appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    it seems that the oxygen theme crops the featured images by default,
    meaning that you won’t be able to change it with custom css.
    My suggestion is to upload a featured image that is 470px wide as indicated on the themes’ showcase page -this might be a workaround.

    Let me know if this works


    I ended up cropping the image and it worked. The problem with this technique is the banner image for “sticky” posts is 980px wide, so I would need to crop/resize images constantly.

    I guess you’re saying there’s no way to fix this. I’ll just try to keep it in mind when choosing feature images. Thanks!



    Most welcome!

    I would say “no way to change this” as it is
    a theme feature you can’t turn off it seems and not broken ;) Preparing a set before upload and choosing your featured image accordingly from it should be fast and easy though.

    Kind rgrds

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