Change an image attachment from one post to another?

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    Hi all,

    I am have trouble with the linking of my images. They appear in my post, but when clicked they do not redirect to the fullsized image. After troubleshooting with the “link to image” and “file url” associated with images it still will not work. Upon looking closer into my Media library I realized the the thumbnails that are working and do redirect to the fullsize image seem to be attached to a specific post. Those that do not are attached to “auto drafts.”

    But here is the kicker, all of the thumbnails are housed in the same post with some that work and some that do not. So for some reason when uploading some of the images are attached to the post and others are attached to an auto draft. So my question is…how do I attach an image to a post if it is already ‘attached’ to an auto draft?

    Thanks….I hope this made sense… I think im starting to go a little crazy after starring at this screen for 3 hours!

    The blog I need help with is


    Answered in your other thread. Please don’t start new threads on the same question.



    Sorry about that,

    I thought that is was a bit different because of the whole attaching images to a new post. My bad.

    That being said, I wanted to thank you for your help and post the solution I found here in case anyone stumbles across my duplicate post. Here it is:

    So here was the fix i was finally able to troubleshoot. For some reason the images that were not working were attached to “Auto Drafts” while the images that were working were attached to the actual post.

    What I ended up doing was going into the media library, clicking on the ‘Auto Draft’ associated with the image and then deleting it permanently. Then those images attached to the ‘Auto Draft’ became unattached and I was able to reassign them to the post where the thumbnails were housed. After that it all seemed to work.

    Thanks again,



    How about when someone says “in your other thread” they actually link to the other thread so it can be of use for anyone who finds this useless post in a search with no link to the answer.



    And having found the other post here:

    Is seems that the other thread does not actually answer this question in any manner.

    So, if an media image is attached to one post, how can you attach it to a different post instead?



    a) We often provide such links, but you can easily find other threads a user has started or posted in if you click “Member” under the user’s username.

    b) The other thread doesn’t answer the question of the title of this one because in the meantime mattandsasha had solved their problem (my remark above was posted after they reported the good news).

    c) To answer the question: you can attach an unattached image, but you cannot un-attach an attached one, so you cannot re-attach it to another post. To attach it to the other post, you have to upload it to that post.

    PS Speaking of forum policies, we always need a link to your blog when you ask a question (as mentioned in the Sticky 8 Things to Know Before Posting).

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