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    Is there a way to change the author on a bunch of posts? When I imported a bunch of entries from a previous blog, WordPress somehow got my name wrong. Actually, first I should ask if you can change the author on a single post, since I didn’t see a good way to do that, either.

    There is only one user listed in the Users section, but the majority of my posts are not marked as by me, and display with a last name seemingly conjured up out of the whims of the internets.



    Some blog themes allow for authors to be recorded and displayed and some do not. You can edit any post and change the name of the author using the box on the right hand side of the page, provided you have chosen a theme that does have the author’s feature. There is no “bulk” way of doing this. I suppose maybe you could delete the whole works and import again using the option of changing all the authors’ names to one name but I don’t know if that’s really a good idea.



    What are the posts marked as for author and where does this name show up within your profile? I’ve got some ideas that come to mind but each one involves a different trick. How many posts are we talking about anyway?



    I apologize for not responding to this thread for so long.

    timethief, I don’t see the box that you’re talking about. I’m looking at the “Edit Post” screen, which is theme-independent as far as I can tell.

    drmike, the posts are listed with the author being “Ian McKellar” Ian is my first name, but I have no idea where “McKellar” came from. The name does not show up anywhere in my profile that I can see. There is only one user listed for the site.

    We’re talking about 800 posts. Basically, everything that I imported into the site from an older WordPress blog that I hosted myself.

    Here’s an example post with the wrong name



    Some themes have a blue button “Page Author”. You see it when you look at a page beyond the editor box to the right. It’s send from the bottom above Page Order. However as you have imported and you are the only author I don’t think this will be useful in your case.

    I’m going to pass this one to drmike as he has some ideas for you to pursue.
    Best wishes :)

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