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Change background color of widget in sidebar

  1. positivelyorphaned

    I'm using pressrow theme and I have the CSS upgrade. I would like to be able to change the background color of the top 2 widgets in the sidebar so that they match the remaining widgets. If you take a look at the blog, you'll see what I mean. Can I add a background color to a text widget? Thanks everyone!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. `<div style="background-color:#ffffff;">

  3. Sorry, that's not complete:

    <div style="background-color:#ffffff;padding-left:1em;padding-right:1em;">

    where I've set the color as white ffffff, change the code to whatever color the bkgd of the other widgets is.
    Not sure if you need padding or not. Padding can be wider or narrower or not used at all.

  4. positivelyorphaned

    I just tried what 1tess suggested, but it doesn't seem to work. Anyone else have any suggestions? I'd really appreciate it.

  5. @positivelyorphaned

    I'm curious, what exactly didn't work?

    I just tried it again in my test blog set to PressRow theme and it works just fine. Of course I don't have CSS in my test blog, but that shouldn't matter: It's only simple html in a text widget.

  6. positivelyorphaned

    Oh! I'm supposed to add that to the widget? I added it to "Edit CSS". I am actually laughing out loud. Yes, it works! I just need to figure out the right color now. I also need to do the same for the first widget "subscribe". Thanks 1tess. You rock.

  7. A little observation: for paddings and margins use pixel units; em units are for text only.

  8. Great! LOL indeed. Good thing I mentioned the text widget there, huh!

  9. @devblog
    of course. silly me!

  10. positivelyorphaned

    Thanks devblog. I'll take a look at that. Is there a way to add a background color to the "subscribe widget"?

  11. Try this:

    .widget_blog_subscription {background: [YOUR-COLOR];}

    Also, since you have the CSS upgrade, I would recommend you to add the background colors to your other widgets via the CSS Editor; that's just a suggestion. The advantage of doing that is that if you ever decide to change colors, you won't have to go widget by widget changing the HEX codes... you just would need to change the appropriate property in the CSS and enjoy the results.

  12. positivelyorphaned

    That did it! Thanks a million to both of you.

  13. enrichingmomentsphotography

    I also say thanks i was wondering the same thing awhile ago.

    now if there could be a way to have pictures marquee up on side bar without plugins or java codes we would be set. just a simple < marquee up> text here/>

  14. @freetosing
    Please see this post:

    For a block of text enclosed in a colored background (like the example below), you can use this code (in the html post or page editor, or in text widgets ...

    Also as you use the Vigilance theme this post may also be of interest to you

  15. Is there any way to change the background color in the comments widget to black and have the comments and originator's name in white? I'm not so good at CSS. Can anything be changed through using any facility held on the dashboard? The widgets utility held there doesn't mention anything about changing font color and background color. I've just changed my previous theme to ChaoticSoul, but the comments widget in the side bar is presenting the background as white and the comments text fonts are also light colors and therefore the comments and orginator's name can hardly be seen. there is no deep contrast.

    errr.. could I beg you please to look at my comments widget in my sidebar and tell me how I can change this to make everything legible, through what ever code is needed through the widget facility in my dashboard. Thank you deeply, in advance. :)

  16. @poettraveler

    What you are asking is not really on this topic.

    Please start a new thread. Tag it properly. It will help others find how to solve your question. I'm sure you are not the only one!

    If you could, post here to re-direct readers to the new thread.

    (I'd probably answer you here if I knew the answer but I don't. Starting a thread with the description of your question will return you better results too.)

  17. I've given up for the moment and reverted back to the previous theme I had. I'm too tired right now and it's very late over here. Thanks for listening.

  18. Ah, yes.

    Even though I'm not Scarlet O'Hara people have told me that "tomorrow is another day…"

  19. Hi, i use Treba theme at my blog ( and i discovered a little smile on the background, that is a gif file, but i can't find it on CCS stylesheet. Can anybodey help me? Thanks!

  20. @hkosrajnai
    Your question has absolutely no connection to the subject matter in this thread, which is changing background colors of widgets in sidebars. Doing this is called threadjacking and it's unacceptable. I will answer it this time, but in the future please do not post off-topic create your own new thread if you cannot find a thread on point.

    All blogs on get our Stats as a free feature. Every time a visitor views a URL on your blog, the web brower loads a small smiley-face image from our stats system.

  21. I'm sorry! Thank you for your patient and the answer.

  22. Everyone make mistakes when they are new and even when they aren't new and I think it's important to share net-etiquette with new members. Thanks for receiving the message graciously. You're welcome and best wishes for happy blogging.

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