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Change background colour of widget footer area on Nishita theme

  1. peterwedderburn


    I'm new to css so sorry if this is a straightforward question. I want to change the background colour of the footer section of my site which has widgets in so this area becomes more separate to the rest of the page. Is this possible? Any help would be really appreciated!

    The site is:


    The blog I need help with is

  2. The CSS for changing the footer background color would be:

    #sidebar-footer-wrapper {
        background-color: #aaaaaa // Enter your color here

    To get the code for the color you want, you can use this color picker:

  3. Sorry, missing a ';' on the code example above. Use the example below instead:

    #sidebar-footer-wrapper {
        background-color: #aaaaaa; // Enter your color here
  4. peterwedderburn


    Thanks so much it has worked perfectly!


  5. In the future please post CSS questions in the CSS forum, not the Support forum.

  6. peterwedderburn

    will do, thanks!

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