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    I’m working on a blog with multiple authors and would like to set a different background color for articles from different authors. I’m using K2 Lite. Is it possible? If so, how does it work? I know I’m asking a lot, but any help (even pointing to the solution that I might not have found by myself on the web (bad brainless forum member, bad!)) would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks everyone!!

    The blog I need help with is



    nope, not possible



    Whoops, I’m sorry, it is possible just not with CSS. You’d have to enter in the html in the html editor when you create a new post, such as,

    <p style="color:#ff6600;background:red;">YOUR CONTENT</p>



    or you can use
    <span style=”color:#ff6600;background:red;”>YOUR CONTENT</span>

    either way you’d have to enter in this everytime you create a new post


    You can do it using a div with a background declaration, but it doesn’t work consistently. With K2, if there is a blockquote in the post, the background declaration does not put the background color in the blockquote.

    At the beginning of each post, from the HTML tab, you would need to put this (and change the color) <div style="background:yellow;"> and then at the end of the post you would have to put this </div>

    It is a dodgy solution at best and might not always give the desired results.


    @aw1923, the span will not make a blanket color for the background, but just highlight the text with white spaces between lines. The “p” style would work but would require it to be declared for every paragraph and there would be blank white spaces between paragraphs.

    The bottom line is there is no really clean easy solution.



    oh cool I didn’t think to try the div, see I learn something new everyday :D


    As I said, it is not a solid solution and could have problems depending on the post.



    I didnt ask the question here, but I was going to, thank you both “you are great” xx



    I forgot to say i’m a blogger vigin and my blog is very new I will have a lot of questions, will it be OK to call upon you for more advice when needed xx

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