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    I’m submitting this with from my test blog address (theme: Neat) and I’m also making great progress on the real deal at h …

    In the sidebar, I’d like to replace the little lines with flowers on the end to a line with a barbell on the end. I’ve created and uploaded the desired image and sized it in the media library to 129 x 27. In CSS, I’ve found the location to swap the images (under #sidebar h2). However, when I do so, the new barbell image appears HUGE. I’ve tried adjusting the width by placing width=25% (for example) after the image URL and other repeat data. But when I do that, it seems to just crop the image to a quarter of its width instead of actually resize it.

    I’ve searched the forum and support and other tutorials for help to no avail as of yet. Any suggestions out there?

    Much appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is


    The current image is 154 x 18. Make sure that your image is that size. The “width” has nothing to do with the size of the image. The image will show at the actual size.



    Thanks so much! Yes, I was stuck on the notion that I should be able to re-size the image within the CSS. I finally re-worked the size to find something that fit. Still a little more tweaking to do, but it’s getting there!

    This process is so frustrating and gratifying at the same time. Mostly though, I’m really psyched to be learning so much and finding my way. I’m immensely grateful to all who contribute so much to this forum.

    All best,


    You’re welcome, and yes it can be frustrating, but also satisfying when you get it.

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