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Change background using Custom CSS

  1. I'm trying to change the background color to the Traction theme to 6699cc. But its not showing up when I input the CSS script.. is it not supported?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When I click your username, it says, is no longer available.
    The authors have deleted this blog.

    We need a link to the site you are talking about.

  3. @thesacredpath
    off-topic aside
    Please note this thread which has not been moved to the CSS Forum yet

  4. sorry.. I'm not sure how to change that.


  5. Can't you change that from appearance > background? Or does traction not have that option? We volunteers do not have access to premium themes so we know nothing about them.

    The background is made up of two images, one in body and one in #wrapper (the glow at the top).

    body {
    background: url("images/body-background.jpg") repeat scroll left top #292929;
    .wrapper.big {
    background: url("images/wrap-glow.jpg") no-repeat scroll center top transparent;

    You can either create new images in the color you want (keeping the same size) and then replace the relative URLs with the URLs from the replacement images that you upload to your media library, or you can set them none and specify a color as below.

    body {
    background-image: none !important;
    background-color: #CC0000;
    .wrapper.big {
    background: none;
  6. thank you.
    that worked.
    I had just been trying to put it the body background color and that wasn't working on its own.

    So it changed the background in all pages except the Newsletter.
    and how can I get rid of the rest of the black and make them blue as well?

  7. oh, and no, there was no option to change the background color under appearance.. It would have been so much easier if there was.

  8. That is another image so you can do the same thing and edit the color as desired.

    #pg-nav-bg {
    background-image: none;
    background-color: #000000;
  9. Yeah, I got to thinking that with that glow image at the top of the wrapper it would be too complex for the appearance > background page.

  10. thanks. appreciate all the help.

  11. You are welcome.

  12. sorry. couple of more things.
    so i figured out how to change the footer colors.

    but when i tried to change the "Recent Articles" head and "Subscribe" it only did a portion. so all my headers are weird.

    and my subscribe page has no background

  13. This will fix the colors on the titles in the bottom section.

    #main-top h4, .subscribe h5 {
    background-color: transparent;

    The "newsletter" page, if that is what you are referring to, is not on your site here. That is off-site.

  14. i tried that code and it didn't change it.

  15. It's changed when I view your site. Clear your browser cache and force refresh your main page.

  16. It still didn't change on my end :(

  17. Let's make sure we are talking about the same thing. What I got rid of was the blocks of color around the "subscribe" and "recent posts" grey text in the dark grey bar near the bottom of the page.

    What browser are you looking at it in?

    Try adding the important attribute to the end of the color declaration like this.

    background-color: transparent !important;

  18. Yes, that grey and black bar. I want to change the color of it to make it look like the main menu on top.
    I've been viewing it in both Chrome and IE.

  19. Yes, that grey and black bar. I want to change the color of it to make it look like the main menu on top.
    I've been viewing it in both Chrome and IE.

  20. Oooohhhh! I misunderstood.

    #main-top {
    background: url("images/sprite-bg.png") no-repeat scroll -10px -10px transparent;
  21. Yes that one :)
    Thank you!

  22. You are welcome.

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