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    Under Admin. > My Blogs > Change Blog Address…

    It is not working.

    Tried 4 browsers, approx. 10 attempts total, all give same INCORRECT error message, ie, “only lower case & numbers allowed,” which does NOT even apply because it WAS typed in LOWER CASE each & every time.


    I see other threads saying people cannot create new blogs either, so the two problems are probably related somehow “behind the scenes.”

    The new admin & settings are all funky. Please give us back the prior prettier version w/o that horrible flat look, black sidebar, squares vs checkmarks, etc. It worked fine before all the new changes & was much more pleasing to look at.



    NEVER MIND, sorry, blind as a bat, saw the answer clear as day AFTER I posted this! Red face.

    The answer? > Don’t fill in the .wordpress.com part! Duh!

    But why the error msg kept saying “only lower case a-z & numbers allowed” instead of saying “you mistakenly filled in .wordpress.com; please erase .wordpress.com in the new blog addy window bars”!!??

    So that’s my request to WP TECH: Please change the error message so that it actually relates to the error committed! That would help!



    PS: Please move this thread from Support to Suggestions Forum!

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