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change blog http// name

  1. Goodmorning,
    I am from the netherlands.

    I had1 blog by Worldpress and made yesterday a second blog in my account, now are the names mixed up.
    http// name i want to have by mij new blog is now the name from my old blog.
    I have try to change it but still the http// adressen are mixed up
    Can you please change the adresses for me?

    I hope to hear from you
    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there,
    Exactly which URLs are you referring to? Please provide them Did you use the changing a blog address guide?

  3. Hello timethief

    We have used the adress guide and fill them in the way the example show.
    Still the adresses has come but by the wrong blog
    now i have 2 blogs only with the wrong http adres.
    My son tryed it for me today and now i have a 3 blog
    Mabey it goes wrong because we use the dutch languege but the site off wordpress is than half english and half dutch.
    so it is still not resolved.
    Thank u for your answer


  4. Please post the the URLS for the 3 blogs

  5. Hello timethief has to be change in


  6. Please do not do anything else with reagrd to trying to chnage blog URLs (addresses). I have flagged this thread for Staff attention but it's the weekend so I don't expect they will answer right away.

  7. Oke, thank you for answering and make notice of it.


  8. You are welcome.

  9. Since both blogs exist, the names cannot be changed to either, but you can export/import your content from the Tools section of their Dashboards.

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