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    I am thinking about changing my blog name, i have seen the user name setting. But If i go ahead and change, I don’t want to create a new blog. I would like my existing blog to change name and also to adopt the new domain name url.

    Is this possible?

    with thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Amanda – You can change your site address in this way:

    Note that if you do this, though, any permalinks and traffic you had going to the old URL will be lost, unless you do a site redirect:

    Since you have a custom domain anyway, I recommend just registering a new domain and setting it to primary. Then, your old domain and your underlying URL will both redirect to the new one. :)

    Let me know if you have further questions!


    Hi there, thank you for the info.
    I watched the video, but Im still a little confused as to the options i should choose. Would you be able to guide me through the the right options i need step by step please? Sorry to be a pain, but im worried as it gives a warning if you do it wrong.

    Heres what i want to do. Basically i want to completely lose the screen name and domain name

    I want to change the blog name to simply remove uk from the name and replace it with a different word.
    I want to keep the current blog just as it is but have a different screen title, a new url and email address.

    Im also unsure about the domain name. What do you mean by ‘underlying url’? if i buy another domain name, I dont want to keep the old one too. Will the old one just stop when the year is up?




    Hi Amanda – You can change your ukvintagechic username by following these instructions:

    There’s a video that walks you through how to do that.

    The underlying URL is the domain that your custom domain is mapped to, so the URL you see when you are in your dashboard. For your site, it’s If you want to change that, you can change it by following these directions:

    Finally, you can register a new custom domain, instead of You can do that by following these instructions:

    You might as well keep until it expires on its own, because you’ve already paid for it, and it can just redirect to the new domain, so that any traffic still going to the old one is redirected. When the old one expires in December, you can just let it go.

    Does this all make sense?


    Hi, i will work through all your advice. I think i understand, but will be back if not. :)

    Just to ask your advice here. The name I want to use is uniquevintagechic The dot com is registered, but the is free according to whois database. However it isn’t shown as an option to purchase on WordPress. I would prefer to go through WP if possible, rather than bother with all that domain mapping. What do you suggest?

    Many thanks Amanda



    Hi Amanda – We don’t register domains, but you could register through us.

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