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Change Blog Name in Dashboard

  1. I have just set up a new blog on my existing account.

    When I chose my domain name, I pressed enter to check if it was available but it turns out I needn't have.

    As a result, I didn't get to enter the other details as I wanted. I have since altered my blog title and tagline as they will be seen by visitors.

    However, in my dashboard, when I pull up the 'my blogs' tab/page in my personal dashboard, its 'Blog Name' is still listed as "My Blog".

    While it doesn't affect the appearance of my blog as far as readers are concerned, it is a niggle and I would like to tidy it up.

    Is there any way to alter the "Blog Name" as displayed in 'My Blogs'. Note, I have already changed the details in 'General Settings' and that has corrected the appearance of my blog; I want to change the name in my dashboard.

    Thanks in advance.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Blog names and URLs are two separate things. We can change the blog name here > Settings > General as many times as we wish but that does not change the blog's URL. AKA as the blog address. See here for more information >

  3. Is this a domain mapping question? When we purchase a domain and domain mapping the URL change (URL blog address) is made throughout the internet. But the blog name for the root blog still appears under the "My Blogs" tab. All the interior URLs on the Admin side of the blog remain URLs.

  4. Hi, timethief.

    It wasn't the blog address; I am happy with my URL. As I said, it was the 'Blog Name' as displayed in the 'My Blogs' tab.

    However, moments before this reply, it has changed itself. Perhaps I was being impatient?

    Thanks again for your response, timethief.

  5. It does take time for these changes to happen. I'm glad to hear this has now taken place. Vest wishes with your blog. :)

  6. oops@ "Vest" was meant to be "Best" of course lol :D

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