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    How do I change the name of my blog? Id rather change it than start another whole new one if possible

    The blog I need help with is



    Please provide an active link starting with http:// to the blog in question so we can provide a correct answer.


    sorry, thats nor right!

    its: I want it to be



    This is the support forum. We don’t provide support for blogspot (Blogger) blogs here. We provide support only for those who have free hosted blogs.



    I see the second URL now. Please see here for instructions > change blog address



    If you intend to create a duplicate blog here at to he blogspot (Blogger) blog Staff request that you make the visibility private. This is what Google has to say about duplicate content blogs:



    oops! I forgot a link > privacy settings


    its not a duplicate blog.

    i changed my site title but its not changing the site address. so no luck with that previous link showing me how to do it.



    The blog title and tagline here > Settings General can be changed as often as you wish. But that does not change the blog URL (blog address). Following these instructions does change the URL (blog address)


    How do I transfer material from another blog site to my wordpress site?


    I just purchased (or thought I did). It doesnt work when I try looking it up on the internet??



    If you purchased a domain through then (1) there is no “www” in the URL and (2) there are steps you have to take to complete the domain mapping process. Have you read and carefully followed all the instructions found here?

    5. To activate your new domain, select the button next to the one you wish to activate and click Update Primary Domain. Your blog will be accessible from both of these domains; the Primary Domain is what actually appears as your domain within the address bar of web browsers. If you do not see your blog at the new domain immediately, please allow some time for the DNS changes to propagate.

    Has the 72 hours propagation time expired yet?
    Here’s the situation. There are instructions you must follow all the way through to the end. Then you must patiently wait for up to 72 hours for the domain name change to propagate throughout the internet. (It rarely takes that long for all the DNS caches around the world to be flushed though.)


    thank must be a saint to help me out..

    I type and it redirects to

    I thought what I was purchasing was so the .wordpress would come out..but, it only has been a half hour


    This has got to be the most complicated site I have ever tried to do a damn thing on. Horrible to navigate. HORRIBLE.



    root blog URL (no www) on subdomain

    domain URL (no www)

    Even after all the DNS caches around the world have been flushed and the new domain name propagation has taken effect throughout the internet you will see the blog URL on the Admin side of the blog. The blog has to exist in order for there to be root blog to domain map from to the domain. What your visitors will see is the domain URL. Regardless of whether a visitor clicks in on the domain URL or the URL they will be seamlessly redirected to the content under the domain URL.

    Please be 100% sure that you did Step 5 > Update Primary Domain


    sorry I am utterly confused by that language and give up. thanks for trying. too complicated.



    I’ll try again. Your content is going to be in a free hosted blog. By purchasing domain mapping what your visitors will see is the domain URL and what you see on the Admin side will be the URL. That’s normal.

    Here’s an example using my own blog.
    The root blog URL is
    The domain I am mapping to is
    When you or any visitor clicks you will be seamlessly redirected to
    But what I see on the Admin side of the blog is


    ok yeah for me I type in and it goes to

    anyways, not big deals here, dont worry about it

    thanks for all your help



    Hi there,

    I have the same problem. I am and now it will not come up and it goes straight to I am so confused! I sent an email yesterday for help and I have no response. I just want my website back please?!


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