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    My blog time zone is way ahead of what it should be. For me its only July 15, but it says July 16 on the blog when I make a new post.

    How do I change this?



    The answer is in found in the FAQs.

    dashboard -> options -> scroll down to date and time and change them to the appropriate values.

    Note: Would you please take the time to read the information in the two links I have given you above. Theses resources are chock full of helpful information. RUsing them will save a lot of time and headache and it will also save the voluteers from having to answer questions you could have answered yourself. Please understand by requesting this of you that I am not chastising you. I’m just offering advice and wishing you well. Happy blogging :)

    P.S. I’m on the Canadian west coast on daylight saving time. Here it’s Saturday, July 15th at 9:44 PM.



    *chuckle* I think she’s seen the FAQ. Take a look at her blog. Looks just like the FAQ. :)

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