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    What code do I use to change the padding on images to 0px? It may be the border, I’m not sure. I do not want borders or padding on my images.

    The blog I need help with is


    There are no borders or padding that I can see in the CSS for center aligned images such as you are using. Probably isn’t for images inserted with “none” alignment either. Right and left aligned image would likely have some padding to keep white space between the image and any wrapping text.

    Your images seem to be inserted in general at 640px wide, which could be the width set in this theme. The content area though, is 720px wide so it looks like there is padding or a border.

    What you can do is to go to settings > media and set 700px as the width for “large” images and then when you insert an image, select large as the size. Do note though that uploaded images that are not 700px wide will be inserted at whatever width they are originally (unless you chose to insert at a size narrower than the original image). WordPress will not in general stretch an image as it results in lower image quality.


    I checked and the images in the latest post look to be full width with no borders or padding. I see you’re using captions, and those have a little bit of natural padding surrounding the text. Please post back if you’re still having trouble and point out a specific example for us.



    Thank you for checking on it, but I went ahead and changed my theme to Blaklavan. So it’s not an issue any more. I appreciate the help anyway.


    I see! Cheers :)

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