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    I just noticed a accidental spelling mistake in a category name “Programmming” . I want to correct it. But i when i try it tells me “Category not updated.” . This category is a parent and has more than one child. Please suggest a simple way to correct the spelling. In worst case i will have to delete this category and make a new one.

    The blog I need help with is


    Should be dashboard sidebar > Categories: hover over category name, click Quick Edit, correct, update.



    doesnot work, as i told before : “Category not updated.” . The category i am trying to rename is a parent.


    Parent or no parent is irrelevant. If updating won’t work, you’ll have to resort to “worst case”.



    I have renamed parent previously, but I think i have found the problem. I have also a tag “programming” . When i tried “Programmming” to rename to “Programing” (three ‘m’ s to two ‘m’ s) it worked. So It cannot rename a category to a same named tag and vice versa.

    But the strange part is, i already have a same name for a tag and a category “Humor”


    Aha (should have checked your blog before replying)! What you’ve been doing is wrong:
    a) Tags and categories are they same thing actually, and they function in exactly the same way, so there’s no point in using the same word or phrase as both a tag and a category.
    b) Doing so creates the problem you encountered as well as a permalink problem if you use subcategories.
    c) If you unnecessarily multiply tags and categories like that, you may be considered a spammer and get excluded from the global pages.



    Actually i have some tags common to the categories. Like i am posting some stuff under programming category which is not tagged with programming.

    Whatever i will go delete the tag, i think its the best.

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