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    @ timethief and thesacredpath

    as i said success, and thank you both again if you would like to take a look below and see what you think :) be honest i can take it :( harry


    BTW i agree with those above there should be buttons to change font size and family also colour




    be honest i can take it

    The yellow font is highly readable. As you know I am visually challenged and this is the worst theme when it comes yo readability for folks like me. The font is gray on a black background and the lack of contrast is a PITA so I don’t even bother to try and focus and read any blogs that use it.


    ok and thank you i did not know about your eye sight can you not change the zoom to 150 to help , harry



    Hum… if you ask me, I maybe would justify the text (usually it makes it more pleasant while viewing) and change to a bigger size the yellow headers, but it’s really up to you =)


    Hum… if you ask me, I maybe would justify the text (usually it makes it more pleasant while viewing) and change to a bigger size the yellow headers, but it’s really up to you

    what do you justify the text
    if i could i would widen the page and make the font bigger



    Re: justify text
    SIGH… I will provide the answer and then I want you to remember that you are a brand new blogger and you are not conversant with HTML let alone adept at using it. IMHO you need to keep your focus on creating content rather than being diverted by aesthetics achieved by HTML coding.

    When you at blogs you see that in most the text is justified to the left hand side. This means that the right hand side can be ragged looking and not aesthetically pleasing to some folks. Justification spreads it all out by adding spaces and that’s achieved by coding. See here >


    i know what you mean know , what we use in the pc site ALIGN to the right , left or centre but no one uses it , as you say mine is aligned to the left

    i’ll have a read but i dont think i would be bothered , harry


    @harry: Justified means aligned both left and right. See here:

    But don’t bother doing it: the theme you’re using has a rather narrow main column, which means that justified text will produce some ugly gaps between words.



    @ harry

    what do you justify the text

    Oh, right, excuse me, I don’t know if I made myself clear enough. I meant align full, the icon next to the font-color one, in the visual editor. You select the text you want, in this case all the text if you want I guess, and then click on the icon and it’s done.
    But if Panos says so, you should take his/her advice, I’m not experienced with that theme.

    if i could i would widen the page and make the font bigger

    I believe widen the page would require the CSS upgrade, but don’t mistake me, I’m really not familiar with it either. In what concerns making the font bigger it’s possible, check this
    You would open at the beginning of the post the tag <_span style="font-size:xpt;"> in the html editor and this in the end of the post <_/span> Replace x with a positive number such as 8, 12, 14, etc (and don’t forget to take the underlined spaces in the tags).

    I agree with timethief, html coding needs dedication and if you are new and rather troubled with it, your priority should be the content and then with time, polish and customise your stuff. And, by the way, is a great blog to learn (heart)

    I hope I helped a bit (smile)


    thank you all i will mess around with all the links in my test blog and see what goes wrong , harry


    This is just opinion based on my years of web, page layout and graphic design experience, but when it comes to anything you output, your first order of business is to present it in a way that it is clear, legible and easy to navigate. Too often I find sites that go way over the edge using bizarre fonts and/or edgy colors schemes with poor contrast, and they end up turning the content into a pop art poster and the information – what you are trying to present – is lost. I’ve seen sites where every other sentence is a different font, size or color (sometimes all three). I’ve even seen sites where every other word in a block of text is a different color.

    Just because you have the ability to change fonts and sizes and colors, does not mean that you should. They should only be changed if changing them will enhance the presentation of the content.

    And please, this is not pointed at anyone in this thread (I haven’t looked at any of the blogs), or any other similar thread, it is offered simply as a reminder: Clear presentation of the content is – or should be – your number one priority. There is nothing wrong with focusing on form, but not at the expense of function.



    @ thesacredpath
    By all means. Totally agree with what you said.

    I found myself repelled for such sites. I would say the balance is a very important thing that one should have in mind. That’s why when I was choosing a theme I already had in mind some aspects that I wanted: a neutral colours scheme layout (that being white, grey and black), with grey, preferably white background because I found it harder to read on a black background then with the contrast with a white background, and last, a font that I fancy.

    I’m rather picky, and I thought a neutral colour schemed theme would go well with the coloured images I would insert. The white also looks more tidy (smile). I found and liked Hemingway and I’m really glad it had the option to change to white, even though it doesn’t have a strong contrast.

    Concerning customization, I do it normally and simple, changing font-size of headers, underlining words to reinforce, and changing colours of words when I feel like it’s needed and to put a bit of colour into all that white (chuckle).

    My apologies, I got a bit carried away (smile)


    No need to apologize. :-)



    Oh right, I got a reply from the support, they replied, with links to some pages in support for customisation and thanked my suggestion for additional options, will keep them in mind for future updates.
    Hum… thoughts? I wonder if I should make a forum thread or something to transmit or something…




    I got a reply from the support …. I wonder if I should make a forum thread or something to transmit or something…

    I had no idea that you had posed a question to Support Staff for them to reply to. I assume that neither Harry or thesacredpath knew you had approached them either.

    This is a link to the fully functional TinyMCE editor from Moxie. It’s open source freeware and WordpRess blogs are equipped with a primitive version of it. See >

    This is what you can buy and renew annually from
    CSS upgrade

    None of this is news to us so IMO there’s no need to post a thread and nothing to transmit.



    Well, I followed what thesacredpath mentioned back ago about the toolbar, see here:

    This is something that I don’t remember staff ever responding to, but it is definitely something that has been requested many times. […]
    You can always send a question directly into support and ask them about it and if they respond, you can post the answer back here in the forums for all to see.

    @ thesacredpath
    Just finished sending and if I get a reply I’ll be sure to post it. Hopefully. Thank you for the help guys (smile).

    I guess I made a wrong choice of words there with “reply”, sorry.
    Yup, I did mentioned and included the link that you talked about along with my letter.
    Hum, no, as much attracting that may be, I don’t really feel the need of the upgrade, have enough knowledge to be confident on it or have the cash (student).

    I see, sorry I couldn’t bring any news guys (sigh). But I’m glad I wrote it.

    Btw, why did you just stole my line singkey =o


    @iruvienne: Because singkey is a pathetic spammer.



    @ Panos
    Oh, I guess that solves it. Why, thank you (smile).
    I think I’m going to leave now for some sleep, have a nice blogging guys.

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