Change color of Buttons and Side Bar Titles

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    I have Theme Digg 3 Column with 6 Widget. I would like to change the buttons at the top that say “Home” “Page1” “Page2” etc to a different color or remove them.

    I also want to change the text color of the titles on my left sidebar. How do I do this?

    The blog I need help with is


    You need the CSS upgrade and CSS editing experience.

    The navigation tabs at the top are actually require you to make new images since those tabs are images. Actually there are two images that make up each tab. A left image and a right image, so you have to create two new images to the exact size of the original.



    Thank you so much!!



    Ok I have downloaded CSS Upgrade but am new to this. Can you send me an example of how to change the color of the left side bar titles? Or an example of the buttons two images that I need to change? Thank you again for your help and kindness for a newbie.


    Sidebar title colors are here. Add this to your CSS edit window (after deleting all the informational text in it).

    .sidebar ul li h2, .obar ul li h2 {color: #8DAB3B; }

    The two images for the tabs are:

    You will have to make new ones or edit those (keeping exactly the same size) and then upload them to your media library. Get the URLs of those two uploaded files and then replace the URLs in the definitions below (paste the below into the CSS edit window):

    #menu ul li a {background: url("images/bg_tab_left.gif") no-repeat scroll left top transparent; }
    #menu ul li {background: url("images/bg_tab_right.gif") no-repeat scroll right top transparent; }

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