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Change color of links in Blogum theme

  1. ashplainandsimple

    How do I change the color of links that appear in my posts? Right now, they just show up underlined with dots. I'd like to make them a certain color.

    Also, how do I find my theme's master stylesheet? I can't seem to find it. Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The blog you specified at does not appear to be hosted at

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  3. ashplainandsimple

    Thank you, timethief! Yes, I do have the custom design upgrade and have already done a bit of CSS customization. I've had a look at the stylesheet and still can't figure out where the coding is to change how links within my posts appear. I would just like to have them in a certain color (just need to know where to insert the color number) and not have them underlined.

  4. This thread will be moved to the CSS forum for you. I don't help with CSS editing.

  5. ashplainandsimple

    I found the answer by adding this:


    .post-content p a, .post-content li a, .post-content table a {
    color: #CC0066;

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