Change color of sub-sub menu text & banner in mobile view

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    #Problem 1
    i am using theme isle on my site and i want to change the color of sub sub menu text because when user click on menu drop down button, its quite difficult to see difference between sub menu item and sub sub menu items. kindly look refer this image

    When user click on drop down button, color of sub sub menu items should be different from the sub menu items.

    #Problem 2
    When site is opened in mobile. It shows 1 banner in line and 6 afterwords one by one and i want to get two banners in one line. Refer this image
    I tried this code in customize additional css editor

    @media only screen and (max-width: 420px) {
    .shop_isle_bannerss_section .col-sm-4 {
    width: 50%;

    But it doesn’t work properly, as you can see the image

    That code works perfect in tablet and desktop mode but not in mobile mode.

    I hope you guys understood my issue, kindly know me if you need more details.

    Thank you so much


    Hi sainirahuloveugmailcom,

    The account you are contacting us from hasn’t created any sites on What is the address of the one you need help with?

    If you are using software with another host, please post to the support forums for advice:

    I can check whether the site is hosted with us if you aren’t sure.

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