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Change color text - can't locate code

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to change the textcolor on my blog, The current theme is Cutline by C. Pearson. I'm trying to change the color of the embedded links from the light blue you see on our blog, to either purple 722d58 or green 006666. I can't find the line of code that sets the blue color, otherwise I'd already plop it in there.

    Is there something I should know about this theme? Anybody have any insight?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You want to add something like:

    body {color:#722d58;}


  3. I'm trying to make embedded / hot links the 00666 color, not the entire thing. I want to keep the black color setting. Is there a specific way to target this?

  4. Sorry, wasn't paying enough attention, change that to:

    a, a:hover {color:#006666;}
    a:hover {font-weight:normal;}

    This will change the regular and the hover colour and stop making it bold when you do mouse-over a link which changes the width of the text and makes it look a little messy.


  5. debbiekanehira

    Hello, I need help changing the color of my text too. There are "red" text for headlines and tweet text that I would like to change to a blue color. Any tips on how I can do that?

  6. The site linked to your username is not a wordpress.COM blog. If you are talking about a blog hosted here, then we need a link to it so that we can see it.

  7. Hello, I wanted to know how to change the 'Blog at' thing to a color of white (at bottom of webpage). I also wanted to change the Previous Page and Next Page buttons to white and the "Page Not Found" title and text to white.

    I wish to create this easier to read for my readers. I have CSS, I just need to know how to code it.

    Website: (

  8. #footer a, .browse a, .content {color:#fff;}


  9. Hello. I need help with my blog. I spent 5 hours last night trying to work it out.

    I'm moving my blog from blogger to wordpress but I somewhat want to have the similar colour theme.

    Where do I change the colour code?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.


  10. Sammie, if the theme you're using doesn't let you pick colours in the options you'll need to pay for the CSS upgrade and be familiar with how CSS works to change colours in your blog. Once you've got that, come back and ask any specific questions you might get stuck on. The upgrade isn't recommended if you don't already know a fair bit of CSS.


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