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    I Just published my first work:

    To do a perfect job, I need to change the general color set from blue to GREEN.
    Is this change possible and easy?
    Could you please suggest or clarify?
    I just bought CSS upgrade customization but I’m understanding it’s a technical language !I’m completely new to this subject!

    Can you help or suggest direction?

    The blog I need help with is



    It is not quite as easy as that, unfortunately. In this theme there are numerous areas of the site that would need new background colours set and some images that would need replacing as well. It is not advised that you buy the CSS upgrade without at least a basic understanding of how it works. Maybe one of the other volunteers with a bit more time to spare will chip in and help you out.



    Thank you for reply. I begin to study of course a possible help will be more than welcome! :-)


    To go from the bluish of Ocean Mist to Green, there are 13 separate images that you are going to have to recreate since virtually everything you see in the Ocean Mist design is an image. I can’t post links to those here in the forum since the akismet spam filter would kick in and send my to the dungeon.

    Some of the image design elements can be done in the CSS using background colors instead of the images, but even doing that, there are probably at least 8 or 10 that you will have to recreate in your colors if you want to retain the overall look of the theme.



    Thank you for reply. So it seems to be very complicated and I beging to be worried of the final result in terms of quality, performance, etc…. A friend of mine with tech backgruond could help but I didn’t understand if and how you can support according to rules of this wonderful
    Are you suggesting me to find another solution? Please let me remember I was trying to change to green not for pure pleasure but becasue the official color of this team is green. I like very much the template so I don’t want to change it. Thanks in advance.


    The thing is, I can take the blog to green without recreating all the images (I would be deleting all the images), but it is not going to look the same. Many of the details built into the images will go away. Here is a screen capture to give you an idea.

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