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Change colour in Freshy

  1. Hi, and apologies in advance if this has been answered elsewhere (if so, I've been unable to find it).

    I want to switch to the Freshy theme but before I can do so I need to change the green aspects of that theme to red. I've examined the code but can't seem to find the part that refers to those aspects of it, so I'd be very grateful if someone who knows what to look for could point me in the right direction.

    Thanks very much in advance!

  2. I take it you have the CSS upgrade option.

    The green colour codes used in Freshy are: #c9e45a and #a5ba52.

    If you go to: you can find the colours you may want to change them to by playing around with the 6 (hex) digit codes.

  3. I need to change the green aspects of selector bar (home, about, etc) to red

    Thanks very much in advance!

  4. Once you get it done, please post it in the CSS Customization thread in Off Topic. We're collecting a sort of gallery of modifications there and I'd love to see a tweaked Freshy.

  5. I think the green on the menu bar is an image which would have to be replaced with an image of the color you want. The green tag-line at the top of the Freshy theme isn't included in the default css file. I added this code to be able to control it:

    .description {
    font-family:"Lucida Grande", "Lucida Sans Unicode", Arial, sans-serif;

    I had so much trouble customizing Freshy that I've now reverted back to the default CSS. :(

  6. nrepair,

    But I bet that you learned a lot too, righ? so, that's good! :)

  7. devblog,

    Learning is good, but troubleshooting tends to frustrate me. At this point, much of this CSS customization is trial and error. :)

  8. At this point, much of this CSS customization is trial and error.

    And that's exactly how you learn. You know that whenever you need help, there are folks here willing to lend a hand.


  9. Hello? Can we have a link to the redded version of Freshy, or is it embargoed? Would love to see it. This strikes me as one of the best themes for modification.

  10. You can change the green menu bars. Just download these pictures:

    Then edit them (with gimp for example). I just copied the greyone in the middle of these pictures and pasted it above the greenone. It works. Upload them and change the css-code. Change the green color of the text in the green bars. Don't change the other settings and don't copy the complete code for the menu bar in the new css-code (ie doesn't like it). My new code looks like this:

    .menu li a {
    background:url('') top left transparent repeat-x;

    .menu li.current_page_item a {
    color:#FFFFFF !important;

    .menu li a.first_menu {

    .menu li a.last_menu,.menu li a.last_menu_off {

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